Total Buyers98794
Active Buyers37624
Total Vendors745
Total Listings23115
Active Staff Members6
CategoriesFraud, Drugs, Digital Good, Guides, Misc
Founded2021 May
Finalize EarlyAllowed
Vendor Bond$200
Forced Vendor PgpYes

MGM Grand Market Overview

The MGM Grand, often highlighted in many “mgm markets review” articles, is a contemporary, secure, and feature-packed darknet market. Developed over a rigorous eight months, it stands out prominently in the vast sea of online markets. This unique platform is the first dark web market with a mobile-first design, specifically catering to the frequently overlooked smartphone users. Numerous “mgm marketplace” reviews have praised its user-centric approach. It seamlessly incorporates standard features like PGP encryption, 2-factor authentication, and order escrow, ensuring a safe and reliable shopping experience.

The platform also boasts an advanced messaging system and a comprehensive shopping cart, both of which significantly enhance the user experience. While Bitcoin (BTC) is the primary payment method, the anticipation for Monero (XMR) support has been growing, as mentioned in various “mgm markets review” articles. Its modern design, robust security measures, and superior user interface have led many to argue that it stands unrivaled, making it the best darknet market to date.

Each week, the MGM Grand spotlights standout items from its vast assortment in the “Highlighted Selections” section. These premium products, handpicked for their quality and appeal, are sure to grab your attention. For those who prefer a more organized shopping experience, the “Browse by Section” feature allows users to purchase directly from their preferred category. With five primary categories available in the “mgm marketplace,” shoppers are spoilt for choice. Lastly, the “Currently Popular” section showcases items that are rapidly gaining traction in the market. These trending products, backed by glowing reviews, deserve every bit of your attention. Ensure you explore them today and see for yourself why the MGM Grand market is making waves in the online shopping realm.

Top Vendors

Check out top vendors on the market that have sold highest amount of items.

Vendor LinkVendor NameVendor Level
Linkmilo8490Vendor Lvl.10
LinkukwhiteVendor Lvl.6
LinkmaureliusVendor Lvl.5
LinkgreenleafdeVendor Lvl.5
LinkWhiteRepublicVendor Lvl.5
LinkJOYincVendor Lvl.6

Cool Shops Worth Exploring

Sellers that are on the path to become the biggest vendors of the market in near future.

LinkVendor NameVendor Level
LinkeinsteinVendor Lvl.1
LinkVanny3Vendor Lvl.1
Linkperc0latrVendor Lvl.1
LinkFlixDrugsVendor Lvl.1
Linkkamagra4bitcoinVendor Lvl.1
LinkusaccsVendor Lvl.1
LinkMikeDavisVendor Lvl.1
cool vendors to start with

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of the market?

The current status of the market is “Active.” This means that the market is operational, listings are live, and transactions can be conducted between buyers and vendors.

What categories of products are available on this market?

The market offers a diverse range of product categories including Fraud, Drugs, Digital Goods, Guides, and Miscellaneous items. These categories cover a broad spectrum, ensuring that users have a variety of options to choose from.

How can I access the market’s official link?

The official link to access the market is through its .onion address, which can be found here. Additionally, there’s a shorter link available for convenience, accessible here. Please always ensure you’re using legitimate links to avoid phishing attempts.

Is Multisig available for transactions?

No, the market currently does not support Multisig transactions. This means that transactions are conducted without the added security layer of multiple signatures. Users are advised to be cautious and ensure they trust the vendors they are dealing with.

What is the market’s commission rate for vendors?

The market charges a commission rate of 4%. This fee is used to cover the operational costs of the market and ensure its smooth functioning. Vendors should account for this commission when setting their product prices.

MGM Grand Reviews

I recently started using MGM and wanted to share my experience from a customer’s perspective. Although I’m new to this platform, my initial impressions are very positive.

Setting up my account on MGM was a breeze, and I’m genuinely impressed with its user interface. It’s not only easy to navigate but also looks fantastic. The site’s performance is top-notch with speedy loading times. Editing listings is a smooth process, thanks to the well-organized options, all available on a single tab. A notable feature is the centralized shipping options, which simplifies making changes across multiple listings – a huge time saver compared to individual adjustments.

My interactions with the MGM team have been limited, but so far, they’ve been pleasant and professional. They strike a great balance between being serious about their platform and maintaining a light-hearted approach. Any questions I’ve had were promptly answered within a day.

For anyone looking for a new marketplace, either for buying or selling, I’d definitely recommend MGM. It’s one of the best in terms of user experience that I’ve encountered.


So I’ve ordered like 4-5 times from here and I wanna say that the vendors are indeed only elites. Good stealth, communicative, very well reviews.

The market itself is amazing and with cool features. The design is something I love and always associate with Christmas. Very well categorized, easy yet complex captcha. I reccomend you to try MGM if you’re looking for a reliable market!

<3 Much love to MGM and happy shopping.


Just checked out MGM and, wow, I gotta say it’s pretty awesome! 😊 Super easy to use, and setting things up was a breeze. Editing stuff is quick and simple, plus the shipping setup is super handy – change it once and you’re done! 👍 The team at MGM? Really cool and helpful, answered my questions fast. Definitely recommend checking it out if you’re into markets like this. 💯👌